Get 20% off phpBay Plugin - Use Code "saveme20"

One of the best tools available to affiliates promoting eBay auctions is the phpbay plugin. In minutes, you can have a page on your niche WordPress blog with a list of eBay auctions matching your niche. It is extremely simple to setup and use but is a very powerful product.

phpBay requires just one line of code added to a post or page to show the ebay auctions on your blog. Once the phpbay plugin is installed you will see a new button on the "Write post" and "Write Page" panels which will add the one line of code with just a quick click. For basic use you just type in the keyword (search term) for the types of items you would like to show and publish the post or page and the auctions will show up. It's really that simple!

Upon joining the eBay Partner Network, and purchasing the phpbay plugin you will be ready to go. eBay pays affiliates each and every time someone clicks on an auction listing. You can set phpBay to open the auctions in a new window, that way if the particular auction that the visitor clicked on wasn't what they were looking for, they will land back on your site and generate more clicks, and therefore more income for you.

A typical way to earn money with phpBay is to review products and then show auctions for those products in the middle or below your review. It works very well, and once you have the traffic flowing in, phpBay will generate a nice passive income. Make sure you use the discount coupon to Get 20% off - "saveme20".

Dont forget to take a look at the two Demo Pages we have to demonstrate what phpBay can do. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.